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Finally a community experience that can help you...

Tap into who you really are without your trauma.


This Spiritual Mastery 3 month live mentorship experience is designed to empower you to come back to yourself and who you are without your trauma responses.

You will be surrounded by a community that will support you, see you and hear you. This is the experience that shows you the power of coming back to yourself so you can feel proud of who you are becoming. It will teach you to honor you and your intuition.

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This experience will teach you: 

  • Tools to help you regulate your nervous system and get you out of your trauma responses.
  • How to enhance your spiritual gifts.
  • A solid foundation of shadow work so that you get unstuck.
  • How to tap into the playful, creative and courageous side of you.
  • A mindset that speaks to who you really are without your trauma responses.
  • Proven methods on inner child healing that work.
  • How to build a healthy relationship with yourself.
  • Inner safety.
  • How to tap into your purpose.
  • Body confidence and respect for yourself.
  • The art of sexual energy, intuition and manifestation.
  • How to build trust within yourself.
  • How to find balance between your moon and sun energy.

By the end of this experience you will have: 

  • A solid foundation on Shadow Work that will get you unstuck
  • The tools that will teach you how to regulate your nervous system and get out of your trauma responses
  • A mindset that speaks to who you truly are without your trauma
  • A deep sense of self trust and self love
  • A healthy relationship with yourself 
  • A sense of coming back to yourself 
  • Long lasting friendships
  • A feeling of empowerment and confidence 

Success Stories

Here's how Jess went from feeling lost and overwhelmed to tapping back into her spirit and self:

"It literally saved my life"


Here's how Anna went from anxious, depressed, burnt out and not trusting people to finding flow and joy in her life:

"It made even people like me who have trouble trusting to really open up"


Here's how Destiny went from fear of investing in herself to manifesting the reality she wants:

"I made a new friend"


Here's the 8 stages we will move through in 3 months:

Stage 1:

Tap into emotions and intuition and separate it from trauma and limited beliefs

Stage 2:

Find your authentic self and understand who you are without your trauma

Stage 3:

Uncover trauma and limited beliefs and learn to heal through Shadow Work.

Stage 4:

Master and balance your feminine and masculine energy by understanding self

Stage 5:

Separate ego and intuition by learning the art of courage and self trust

Stage 6:

Embodying your true self and purpose

Stage 7:

Practice the art of self love

Stage 8:

Manifest the life you actually want 


What's included when you sign up for Spiritual Mastery:

  • Chakra work, reparenting,  trauma healing, learning how to practice self love, confidence and courage, money mindset, tapping into sexual energy, learning to love your body, boundary setting, past life trauma healing and learning the art of manifestation.
  • 2 Weekly zoom calls.
  • An accountability partner that will keep up with your progress.
  • 43 hours recorded teachings that you get to keep for ever.
  • 8 powerful recorded meditations that you get to keep for ever.
  • A Facebook accountability group.
  • Weekly journaling.
  • Guest speakers on sexual energy, body image, building a healthy relationship with food, past life regression session, birth chart reading, akashic record reading, etc
Yes, I'm READY!

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Instructor

My name is Despina Sokratous and I wanted to take this time to officially introduce you to our mission and purpose for this platform.

First, here's a background story. About 13 years ago, after being in a toxic relationship and falling into severe depression, panic attacks and anxiety (or as I call it my first Spiritual Awakening and Dark night of the Soul), I was introduce to meditation and Shadow Work as a form of holistic healing. Being desperate for change allowed me to open myself to the practice of meditationshadow work and other holistic sources of healing. It was life transforming.

In the past 5 years, I lost friends, got a divorce, lost a business and moved to a different country. All of this allowed me to really listen to my intuition and find my true purpose. And that’s how Crystals Within was created.

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I have to say this because OMG! In my 31 years of life, I’ve never felt sooo at peace with my life. Everything you told me to do, I did every day without missing a beat and I feel like a brand new person.

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Spiritual Guide to Meditation, Crystals and Chakras


Dear change maker,

This course includes everything you need to know so you can embody the most impactful, radiant energy and manifest the life you actually want.

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