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Despina Sokratous

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My name is Despina Sokratous and I wanted to take this time to officially introduce you to our mission and purpose for this platform.

First, here's a background story. About 10 years ago, after going through a broken relationship and falling into severe depression, panic attacks and anxiety, I was introduce to meditation and shadow work as a form of healing. Being desperate for change allowed me to open myself to the practice of meditationshadow work and other holistic sources of healing. It was life transforming. About 4 years ago, I desperately wanted to find my purpose and how I can use it to help other people through my story and experiences. So many changes had happened in the past 4 years for me. Loosing friends, relationships, a businessmoving to a different country. And that allowed me to really listen to my intuition and find my true purpose. And that’s how Crystals Within was created.

In the process, I was also able to heal myself from PCOS with meditation and Chinese herb medicine.

All of that led me to understand the power we all have within and how unlimited we are as human beings and most of the times, all we need is just that little piece of awareness to make that shift in our life.

My purpose is to guide you to remember who you truly are as a spiritual soul and authentically you so you can step into the magical being you already are and make a difference in your world and the world around you.

Welcome to Crystals Within!

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Spiritual Guide to Meditation, Crystals and Chakras



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Dear beautiful Despina, let me just say, a huge huge incredible thank u. The online retreat had so many powerful messages and had just everything myself and so many need right now. The focus on trauma healing, how we are not meant to stay in the energy of trauma etc, our love languages for ourselves.... for me, was very powerful.

I'm on my journey to awaken more and I really really am grateful for your chakra course and your retreat. It's a huge part of keeping me motivated and I love you so much for it! 

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I wanted to tell you thank you so much I am so grateful to have met you and have the ability to connect with you I took a nap and practiced meditating on my own when I got off our call it felt really good and I think I got a little lore out of it then using a video and on my own I feel more like myself so thank you I am gonna come prepared next Friday

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Dear soul searcher.

In this E-Book you will discover everything you need to own so you can start your spiritual healing journey.

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