5 Love Languages and Self Love

To know self-love and if we have it, it’s important to understand first how we forgot that it has always been there in the first place. How did we get this idea that we need to find love by having another person validating that for us? Or even how did we get this idea that we lost the self-love we have within ourselves? How did we get this idea that it is missing?

In the world, we learn to label things as good or bad. From our appearance, the way we dress, fix our hair, walk, our acne, stretch marks, having certain body types, and even our personality traits from the way we talk, if we curse, or if we speak loud, when we have certain beliefs. We have the media convincing us that if we are one thing it's good and acceptable but if we are not it's bad. So we ask ourselves, if I am that thing that is considered to be bad, then how am I going to be accepted as a person? Because being me (bad) is not loved. Then what we end up doing is pretending to be something that we are not just to feel loved. Instead of seeing this as “this works for me and this doesn’t”, instead of questioning this programming, we start believing it, believing that we have to be this external perception of the media so we shame and guilt ourselves every time we are not what this programming tells us to be. 

The reason humans carry chakras, specifically the third eye, is because we are meant to question everything and make judgments according to our true highest self and decide what is true and what is not true according to the divine. The vibrational scale puts shame and guilt at 20 and 30 vibrations, when love is at 500 levels of vibration with enlightenment at the top of the scale with 700-1000. When we convince and shame ourselves to be something that we are not, we are automatically dropping our natural state of love from 500 to 20. After that, since this is the lowest vibration that there is, it is easy to get caught up in that vibration and forget that WE ARE LOVE. 

Love is not something we have to look for, it's something that is always there for us. It has been there, even before our physical body was created.We just have to have the courage to look at it and sense it. The faster way to do that, listen to your heart beat. Our heart is the only organ we can feel moving inside our body and the reason behind it is so we can always remember that we are love. Know that at any point in time you need to remember that, your heart beat will be there for you to remind you that. Let your heart beat speak for you.

When we sabotage ourselves believing that we are not loved, it's like we are telling ourselves that even though our heart is beating reminding us of the love we are, even though our heart chakra is there reminding us daily who we are, we blind ourselves to believe otherwise. That's how powerful we are. So powerful that we convince ourselves of something that exists in our body and spirit. 

So today I ask you to take a moment and look at yourself in the mirror. Look at yourself while you are touching your heart, feeling its heart beat. Tell yourself affirmations that remind you who you truly are. Take the time to give this gift to yourself by remembering who you truly are. Work on your five love languages before you try to give love to somebody else. Because we can only give something if we first find it within ourselves. How can we expect others to love us, if we don’t first know how to love us?

Look within, my beautiful people by meditating on self love. An amazing stone to use during this meditation would be a rose quartz. If you missed this week’s meditation circle, make sure to follow Crystals Within on our social media to stay updated on our next circle. 

Until next time, my beautiful souls.

Listen to your heart and remember who you truly are.

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  • As a man, self love is not something that crosses my mind very often and not something that is talked about or even practice. Looking at the mirror is a little strange for me but reading this was very important. Thank you

    Elvin M

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