Healing Stress with the Power of Auras

Aura is a spiritual energy that surrounds every living being and it is known to provide insides as to where our energy flows spiritually, emotionally and physically. Some people have the ability to sense aura and some others have the ability to feel it. Think of an aura as a wooden Rusian doll and your aura has all those layers of the doll and you are the one that is hidden all the way inside that. 

If you too are reading this, you are probably curious as to how you can relieve stress by clearing your aura. So let’s first understand where stress, or even anxiety, depression,  panic attacks and bipolar disorders come from. Everything starts with us not being able to separate our spirit with our thoughts. When a stressor comes in, we allow thoughts to take over because we want to make sure we survive. This is our survival brain talking. But where is this survival brain coming from? We humans have a mind because it is important we stay alive. Back in the day, we had to live in cages and had to hunt to survive and make sure we didn't get killed by a bear. So we used that survival brain to our advantage. Till this day, we can use it when we feel that we are in danger. The problem is that nowadays we abuse that ability. We feel as if we are in danger when we are home and nothing is actually happening. That is why we can have a panic attack in the middle of the night when we are about to go to sleep. Because we allow that ‘survival mode brain’ to take over with our thoughts. If everything we are thinking is that we have no control over a situation (when we actually do), then our chemistry and brain needs to kick in to make sure we are staying alive.

The reason why breathing and meditation can be a great tool to overcome that is because it gives us the ability to become aware of those thoughts of us thinking that we don’t have control over that situation. Because we always do. Even if something cannot change in our external world, that doesn’t matter as long as our internal world is balanced. The reason why some people when they start meditating they have all these thoughts, it is because they haven’t learned yet how to separate the brain and spirit. And that is okay. Just know that we have the power to do that. It is within us. It is us and we are always in control. Stress is a signal that we need to take a step back and connect to our spirit again because we can. 

There’s 6 layers of aura that surrounds our physical body. First, we see the physical aura which represents our physical health and it's the one closer to our skin. Then we see the emotional aura which is connected to our emotions and anything we might feel . On the next layer, we see the mental aura which is the aura connected to our logic, reasoning and thinking mind. Next, we see the austral body aura which represents our spiritual health and our capacity to love. The next layer is the etheric aura which is connected to our physical abilities. When this aura is balanced, people can easily tap into their intuition and understand other people’s energy and are also able to connect easier with people who are on the same frequency as them. The last layer is the causal aura which is connected to our hormone system and all the aura layers one has. This aura is responsible to guide us on our life path. 

Each chakra starting from the physical aura also is represented by a color that can explain how strong the energy of that aura is. First, we see the color red which represents how stable we are in our environment. Orange represents our emotional stability and how independent we are as people. Yellow represents how secure we feel about ourselves. Green and pink represent the love we have for ourselves and also for others at the same time. If this aura is stable, then we will feel a compassionate, loving and kind energy within us. Next, the color blue represents balance within our intuition, how empathetic we are and our communication skills and the ability we have to express them. Purple is a high intuitive color showing our desire to create. White is a very spiritual color that shows our ability to connect to all living beings. Last, black color is a sign of negative thought patterns and build up emotions that don’t allow our energy to flow naturally. 

To close this, always remember that we are in control of our state. Our thinking mind is just there to protect us and we don’t have to listen to it. 

If you too wish to have a session with me to practice this specific breathing and meditation technique, go to my website www.crystalswithin.com to book an hour session with me. Life is always happening and it is important to remember to dedicate time daily for our well being. Just do it, because we can!

Until next time, my beautiful souls.

Always remember to tap into your intuition.

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  • I’m still learning. It was a good reading

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