"I Am that, I Am"

“This is my name forever, the name that I shall be known for all future generations. I Am that I Am” 

In the beginning, there was nothing, until the Divine power decided to explore the possibilities of what it can be. “I am that I am” has been called to be the most powerful meditation tool in the history of the world because it is known to be the meditation where God, the Universe, Allah or whatever you believe in, talks to you and has the ability to connect you to your spiritual power.

I Am is the name of the universe so this is your name as well because you are part of its creation and exploration. Every time you use the world “I am…” you are calling the Divine’s name and it is important to remember this power as it should be aligned with the Divine and the power that it uses. Think of the words “I Am that I Am” as there’s a comma after “that”, “I Am that, I Am”, and let “that” represent for you what you would like to manifest as you become more aware and aligned with the name of the universe. Allow “that” to speak, knowing that you are unlimited and you have the same Divine power within to be what you say you are.

When people think of this higher power they might ask, what’s the proof that this exists? This energy is not something you look for. Think of a time where you met a person that ended up being in your life for years and that you developed a great bond. It could be a friend, a spouse or a partner. When you first met this person, you weren’t sure if they would love you back, you didn’t have proof that their words or actions were real, yet through time, you trusted the process and the closer you got to them, the more you ended up loving them. Getting closer to this energy is not something you need to see to believe but something you need to feel.

Spirituality means being devoted to the truth as who we are as people and where we truly come from. Remembering this truth seems easy when everything is going the way we want, but it seems that when things aren’t going our way, the worst of us comes out. So how do we remember to stay close to this Divine power in those times? The best way to do this is to be present, but the past to the side, leave the future to the side, quiet the outside noise, and go within. Meditation has the power to change our state of consciousness and take us to a slightly different dimension. A dimension that if you practice enough, you will be able to feel as if you are in the presence of this divine power. 

The world is constantly changing and evolving all the time and so do you. There’s a flow to it that we can recognize and allow the changes to take place only if we are present. Many of us can have all the answers that we are looking for in front of us, within us, but if we don't stop and be present, we won't be able to see them. So stop, sense, see, and listen. Something magical always happens when we do that. 

The moment we start practicing the power of presence through meditation, we notice that questions might start coming up. Questions such as “Am I doing this right?”, “Why can I stop thinking?”, certain problems we might be facing, our fears, insecurities, etc. This is called our ego and the moment these questions start coming up, it is because our ego recognizes the once we become present, all these false stories that it created in our head will disappear. To understand how powerful you are, knowing that we are all coming from this Divine energy, we learn to convince ourselves that we are the opposite of that, with negative self-talk, something that sounds like “I am ugly”, “I am not enough”, “I could never accomplish my dreams” etc. Imagine if you use that power to your advantage and remember who you truly are with the power of the I Am. Imagine that for a change.

When using “I am” affirmations know that our words have to match the vibration of the Divine. Replace words such as depressed with unaligned, or hate with dislike to match a higher vibration. It is also important to know that our brain doesn’t recognize the word “no'' so when using your affirmations instead of saying “I am not shy”, say something like “i am extroverted”. I am not asking you to believe your affirmations. Matter of fact, at the beginning they will sound like a lie so instead of tring to believe them, just connect with them. Think of a time when a friend was telling you a story. The only way you could understand their perspective was if you got into their shoes and tried to feel and connect with their words. This will feel like the same thing so when using these affirmations, feel the words as if they are present. 

This is the power you already have within. I wouldn’t struggle or beat myself up for this if i don’t get it right immediately because it will take some time. Just take it day by day and start becoming aware of how you speak to yourself. If you wish to practice this meditation on a one on one session with me, email crystalswithin@gmail.com or stay connected for one of our group weekly meditation sessions. 

Until next time, my beautiful souls.

Remember to stay true to who you truly are.


  • Thanks for this great insight! I read it exactly when I needed it. Blessings!

  • This was a great read! Sad I missed this meditation


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