Remembering Who You Are With Laughter

Laughing is a universal language. We all share this as human beings. If we take a moment to remember ourselves as children or even if we take a moment to observe children, we’ll notice that children have this freedom in them. They are the most pure and joyful humans on earth. They don't know stress, they laugh at everything, they enjoy every present moment, they are true to how they feel, they get creative with everything and are the most in tune with themselves. 

In life, “things” start happening for us, society speaking to us about certain rules we need to follow, our family placing certain orders, religion might be placing certain guilt and school asking us to have certain regulations. As children, we learn to live with the power of the flow but as these rules start taking place into our life, we start to forget and become unaligned with our spirit. 

As adults, we get into this emotional habit of suppressing that childlike side of us that doesn't seem to worry about much, and instead of going with the flow we tend to resist that and want to control our outcome. Laughing is kind of boosting that child-like side of us and breaking through that cycle of wanting to control so we can go back to remembering who we are.

We can all talk with a serious face on or we can choose to shift that by speaking with a smile on and we can already see the difference in energy. Maybe by you putting a smile on, can make somebody else want to put a smile on too. So imagine that as a chance in the world. Have you seen those videos where one person starts to laugh and then everybody laughs? Check this video out. If you clicked, did you laugh or at least smile a little? :-) Well I am still smiling!! And no coca-cola hasn't paid me to post this haha. You get the idea. 

We practice so our life gets more loose and funny. Here’s an exercise. If you think of a depressed person, what’s their body language? Give yourself a moment to pretend you are super depressed. Do this so you can understand how you can trick your mind. What’s your body language? Now think of a person that is very anxious. What’s their body language? How do their hands feel? How do they feel inside? Take a moment to observe the change. Last, think of a person who is confident. What’s their body language? Do you feel any change in your energy? 

All these energies can be very different. Your body language can actually affect your emotions. So before you say you “feel” something, observe your body language. Try smiling at yourself in the mirror for a week and observe the changes. When you practice this, forget everything that you know about how things are supposed to be and simply channel into your child self. 

I ask you for this practice to not take yourself too seriously. Maybe try a silly face one of those days. Whatever comes up, let it come up. This is a divine experience that allows you to connect and remember your spirit. So let it be natural and connect with that smile or silly face that you choose to make in the mirror. Simply allow your inner child to come out.

That’s all for today, my beautiful souls.

Until next time, remember to smile and not take yourself too seriously :-)

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  • This did make me smile! 😊 I hope somebody else smiles while reading this


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