Spiritual things to do during quarantine that can raise your vibration

I believe at this point, most of us have gotten somehow creative with what to do during quarantine. These past couple of weeks have been challenging for some of us and some days have been better than others. And that’s absolutely okay. But first and foremost, before we get to our list, what is considered to be a spiritual “thing”? Some of us have this idea of how things are supposed to be including spirituality from the way a spiritual person is supposed to dress, to the way a spiritual person is supposed to talk, meditate, feel and act. But all these franky are part of the scheme many buy into. There’s no wrong or right when it comes to spirituality. We have to at ALL times honor our spirit the way it wants to present itself and at the same time stay open to learning. That's all! 

So here’s my list of spiritual things to do during quarantine. Besides anything, allow yourself to explore without judgment: 

  • Meditation
  • I can't help but say this enough how meditation can absolutely transform you. This is an amazing way to get to know and love the deepest parts of yourself and it’s an easy, FREE activity you get to do at home to explore possibilities after possibilities about yourself. Meditation has the power to access parts of your brain that we are unable to do during our awake time. Always remember during this process, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to spirituality including a meditation practice. Of course, there are practices that you can follow to better your meditation experience and for that follow Crystals Within on our social media platforms so i can guide you through your process. If you wish for a personalized meditation specifically for your needs, email me at crystalswithin@gmail.com for a donation-based 30-minute meditation until the quarantine is over.

  • Build a vision board
  • We humans strive to grow, learn and evolve, and when we don't our soul literally dies. Humans were created for that specific reason, to learn, grow, and teach-back what we’ve learned. When it comes to our dreams, there’s absolutely no mistake and we have that vision for a specific reason that WE can only explore. Don’t take a vision for granted because not many might have that same vision that we do. And for sure not many can accomplish that vision with the same energy as you would put into it. This is the gift the universe is giving us at the moment so we can stop, reflect, realize and see the bigger picture in life including our dreams. It’s only fair to ourselves that we owe this to our soul and spirit to follow what we love. Make it as specific, loud, and clear when creating your dream board. 

  • Exercise 
  • Movement is energy. During quarantine many of us have isolated our body and spirit at home and that can cause us to find ourselves feeling stuck and have low energy. Our body and spirit needs movement and exercise doesn't necessarily have to be running or walking outside (which if you can do with caution of course) or working out at the gym. Again there’s no right or wrong when it comes to movement either so exercise can be from yoga, to dancing, to following a workout routine. Exercise is what is meant to be right for you and moving the energy of your body. 

  • Cut off on alcohol 
  • This can be triggering for some people because as a culture we learn to celebrate with drinking. The truth is, connecting to a high energy state is the complete opposite of the energy state of alcohol since alcohol works as a depressant which slows down the metabolism. Our spirit’s molecules, on the other hand, vibrate at a much faster rate, so fast that we humans are unable to build the same. These molecules are so strong and intense that they build the energy of a human and with the slow down of our alcohol abuse, it makes it difficult for our spirit to connect to the frequency of our higher self.

  • Start a passion project
  • This goes along with making a vision board. Times are changing and energies are beginning to shift, people are starting to become more aware and it’s becoming more and more clear to us that old habits are not working any more. If you are aware of this, the free time you have during quarantine will intensify that belief frankly because our circumstances are giving us no option but to surrender and be with our spirit and selves. For people that are not yet on their spiritual journey, now more than ever will suffer. All these are part of the plan for us to shift our conscious vibration as a whole. You have greatness within you and a passion project can be something small that you can build within a day or it can be a lifelong project that you decided you have the courage to go after. Watch our IGTV video on “Raising your vibration..” to understand more on what the vibration of each feeling manifests into. 

  • Build a self care routine
  • Taking care of ourselves can be such an understatement, especially for men since as a culture we don’t promote that as much. Yet as of lately, things are changing and old paradigms are starting to fall so during this time it is important to remember to give this gift to ourselves to self care. That can mean taking a bath, buying a crystal for us that we love, or simply allowing ourselves some alone time if we need it. There’s no right or wrong to this as long as whatever we do means self care to US! Self care is you showing up in the world as your higher self so what's one small thing you can do for yourself today unapologetically?

  • Read a book
  • Everything is energy and our environment is energy too. From the TV we watch, to the people we talk to on a daily basis, to the things we eat. Unconsciously all this information and energy we consume affects us in either a positive way or a negative one. Think of that one time where you watched the news for way too long or had a conversation with somebody who drained your energy. This can happen so fast and for that reason it is important to keep feeding our mind with information that can keep our higher self alive. Keeping in mind that we all carry certain trauma, therefore unconsciously we don’t recognize some of our unhealthy patterns as well. For us to be able to keep becoming more aware and keep showing up for ourselves and to the world as our true selves, we need to keep educating our brain and energy.

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    • Thank you Despina for sharing! I appreciate all of your knowledge you share with all of us ❤️🙏💗


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