The power of our spoken word

Often we associate words with feelings and plenty of times we believe those feelings to be true. For many years now, the power of the “I AM” has been known to influence our life. The great I Am, also known as the beginning of everything and the one that thought and spoke things into existence, manifested everything as we know it today in our universe and world. 

Us too, meaning our soul, go way back to that creation of everything and are also part of this manifestation that happened back then. For that reason, we are infinite spiritual beings, living in a human experience. In reality, we are divine beings and we are meant to feel abundance, unconditional love, joy, and peace. This is where we come from and if it wasn't for the human ego, things would be way simpler. 

Ego is that part of ourselves that has already identified who we are and what we believe to be true according to our experiences, building around it a personality and that’s our way of identifying ourselves. Ego is also built around trauma and experiences that we understood to be true but in reality they might not be. If a child grows up in an environment that was constantly reminded that they are not smart, or not good enough, they will end up believing that identity and building their personality around that belief unconsciously, thinking that it’s true when in reality it’s not. 

So before we even get into the exploration of the great I Am and our words, we need to go beyond that by going within and changing some of those beliefs. We create a certain level of consciousness that we might not realize and that ends up manifesting into getting the same results over and over again, having us wondering what we do wrong. But like we all know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting different results. It is important we first start observing because most of the time those words and thoughts are unconscious. Meditation is an amazing way to guide you going within but also therapy, books and a lot of dedication to yourself can go a long way. 

Throughout history, we listen to spiritual leaders say that we are an empty vessel and that we are like water and able to form ourselves depending on the glass we decide to pour that water in. All these are true and they are so important to acknowledge during our time of healing and allow them to help us remember where we truly come from. “I Am that I Am” comes from the spiritual literature of Torah and the five books of the old testament speaking about the conversation that God had with Moses telling him “ This is my name forever, the name by which I shall be known for all future generations, I am that I am”.

What we place after these words will become the reality of our life. The great I Am is the power of the universe that already exists within us since the creation of everything. It has never left us and never will so every time we say “I am..” we are calling that power into our existence. Every word, like everything else in the universe, has its own vibration. Some words, such as the word love,  have a higher vibration than some other words, such as the word hate. Every time we speak something, that manifests itself into that vibration and becomes the vibration that the universe hears, which ends up manifesting into reality. In the universe, there are two energies that rule everything, the positive and negative. Neither of these energies is bad or good or one being better than the other. They are both there for the highest good and it's our job to learn that. This can be tricky, especially at the beginning, and it will take a lot of reprogramming and reparenting ourselves and beliefs. That is why starting this healing work, we have to be willing to make the change and if you made it this far in this blog, I believe you are ready, so I am proud of you! So next time you speak, start becoming more conscious of the words you use, knowing that they can either hang you by the tongue or become the reality that you are meant to live. 

In any case, the universe doesn't recognize or know time like we do. Time is a human thing we came up with. When it comes to our words and things we want to bring into reality, we have to speak these things into the present moment. If we say “I want..”, the first thing we vibrate is “I want therefore I don’t have” so we will keep vibrating the vibration of “I want therefore I don't have” back to us. We could be wishing for something but the vibration we emit can be so low that it can take thousands of years for it to manifest back to us. It is important we start using words such as “I am grateful now that I have..” instead. 

But you may wonder, If we say “I have a car” when we don’t have it and we want to manifest it, won't it feel like a lie? Yes it will. Words are not there to only be but to also create movement. That’s why the law of attraction itself needs movement for it to work. We need to create such a powerful belief within ourselves that the vibration of that will have no choice but to match our belief in words. In this case, action creates belief. So I am here to ask you, are you up for this change and challenge? Are you ready to turn your life around? The only way for us to experience the power of the great “I Am” is for us to believe in ourselves and just do it! “Because within you, You have the power it takes to shine”.

Until next time, my beautiful people.

Stay brave and always remember to stay true to who you truly are.

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  • Throat chakra week for me was needed. And this makes it more clear. Thank you Despina


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