What are Chakras? Real or Fake?

The seven laws of the universe is something we cannot escape from. They keep us and the universe in order and balance. Only if we understand them, then and only then, we will be able to find that balance too.

In the beginning, everything was one. One massive energy also known as the ‘I AM’ energy. This energy consisted of positive and negative vibrations, working together in harmony, without one being greater or better than the other. It was all there is. The most powerful energy that till this day exists within our universe and within ourselves. Everything you see around you, is a reflection of the revolution of the “I AM”. The evolution of the great I AM energy, simply exploring the possibilities of what else it can be. “Who can I be?” this energy asked. And just like that, the well-known Big Bang theory happened. Possibilities after possibilities, one after the other, started flowing around, exploring the probabilities of one self.

Initially, there was only one law but for it to explore itself, the I AM energy started splitting itself into different dimensions and like that different laws were created, each one represented by a different dimension. In total, there are ten dimensions, but today we will only explore seven because this is where the beginning of chakras happened.

1st Dimension: The Beginning Dimension. The one that got split into half, leaving it with only positive energy. But positive vibration itself cannot grow.

2nd Dimension: The dimension mirroring the first, dancing alongside with it and looking to learn from each other for the greatest good of the exploration of the I AM. This one consists of negative vibration.

3rd Dimension: This dimension is the one that creates experiences and learning in order for us to understand and teach back what is happening between the first and second dimension (positive and negative). This is the dimension he humans experience here on earth. That’s why there’s no such thing as good or bad experiences but more like lessons for us to learn and teach. 

4th Dimension: The context of time. This dimension is to live the process of that reality without the existence of time. Here, no time exists, there’s only the present moment and that is very clear.

5th Dimension: This is to recognize the purpose of all the experiences we have now created from all previous dimensions. And that’s why this dimension is the one looking from top of this octahedron shape. This dimension is the one to understand the process that is created.

6th Dimension:  This is the alchemist dimension. The one to help you transform that reality that you are now aware of from the fifth dimension looking from underneath the pyramid of the octahedron. The path that must be taken in order for us to understand each dimension. Here, you are not conditioned by time or space. Here, you can build every reality you can imagine.The 3rd dimension was also the one that gave birth to the 6th dimension and the 6th dimension was also the one that gave birth to the 3rd. That is why we humans here on earth can be so aware of the 6th dimension's teaching.

7th Dimension: This is the sum of all previews dimensions, split into chakras (the core of reality and center of the universe) existing in the middle of the octahedron. This dimension is also known as the dimension of enlightenment. The dimension that you know you are the universe. It’s connected to the mind and dream of the I AM. This dimension that created every possibility of who we are and who we can be. we just have to think about it. There’s only one law; what we think, we become. Just like the beginning of the creation of the universe. We humans call this dimension heaven.

One dimension did not come before or after the other. All of them were created together and are able to breathe and evolve through each other. So imagine the top half of this octahedron spinning into one direction and the other half into the opposite direction creating the DNA energy of humans and chakras in the middle of this octahedron shape where the 7th dimension was born. In reality, each one of us lives partly in these dimensions and that is why we humans are so different. That is also the purpose of the third dimension so we can learn from each other. But remember, there’s only one law which is the mind.

Crown Chakra also known as “Mentalism”, states that everything you live in is because of everything you believe and think in. With this chakra, it is not just the thought of wanting something but more like something you have to become and the vibration you have to have first. If you speak “I want”, the universe also hears “I want therefore I don’t have, I don’t have, I don’t have”. So you will always experience the “I want” without having anything because the vibration of your thoughts is vibrating on the “I want”. It is just you wanting something and for you to get that, first you need to become. Think through the present moment and become that present moment. This chakra is who you are. Not what you think you want to be.

Third Eye is also known as “Correspondence” which states that everything within creates the outside and everything that you see in the outside, will create the within. Everything in the universe has a correspondence. And everything doesn’t happen just to happen in our outside world. That’s why everything in the world is a collective consciousness. The thought is the beginning of the creation of everything.

Throat Chakra also known as the “Vibration” which equals to the power of the sound that creates all the waves for the correspondence of the universe. If you speak with low vibration sounds (words), you will reflect these low vibration waves back to you. Even the bible says: “And God SAID..” Because this is the most important part of the creation of the universe. The intention we put behind our words, will be the same intention that will come back to us. It doesn’t matter where we place these words, it could be just in our own mind. Those energies will still be vibrating and the creation is in constant vibration.

Heart Chakra also known as “Rhythm”which is the part that teaches you that everything has it’s time to come and appear to you. So according to your vibration, (high or low) those energies will move accordingly with time. The lower the vibration you emit, the longer time the universe will take to deliver something. Sometimes the vibration can be so low that it can take thousands of years for something to be delivered. I know, crazy! But some with high vibration, can accomplish something within a few days. Change your vibration, change your life.

Solar Plexus Chakra also known as “The Cause and Effect” is the chakra that talks about our vibration and its result in our life. Whatever we do will come back to us as an effect of what we caused with our vibration. Everything appears with a purpose. When things happen, look and reflect back and understand the type of energy you put back into the universe to achieve these results. This is also known as the law of responsibility. It is very common for us humans to blame others instead of taking responsibility. And the reason is because we’ve been taught that there is good and bad therefore if we do something wrong we must be bad. But that is not true. Good and bad are supposed to work together in order for us to have harmony.

Sacral Chakra also known as “Polarity” is the law of the creation of everything. The one that consists of a positive and a negative vibration and teaches us to exist and not separate us. Positive and negative is a way to learn and move forward and not to hold us back.

Root Chakra also known as the “Generation” which explains how everything in the universe is created with feminine and masculine energy, positive and negative and absolutely nothing can be destroyed. It is always creating and when things are destroyed is to be created again.

Knowing these Seven Laws will be our way to move through the universe.

Ask each and every one of these energies; is your energy you are vibrating exactly who you say or think you are?

Look around your life and see the world that is inside of you. This will always be a reflection and mirror of who you are. This is the structure we use to create our reality.


Happy Balance, my beautiful souls.

Until next time, stay true to who you truly are.


  • Truly cathartic. Great job in this

    Catherine Gibson
  • Wow! This was eye opening. Thank you!

    Emma Martin

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