Amethyst Bookend
Amethyst Bookend

Amethyst Bookend

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Benefits of Amethyst:

  • It brings calmness to the mind
  • Enhances a meditative state and practice
  • It provides a peaceful and mindful environment in a space
  • Improves dream work and visualization
  • Purifies the aura of any negative energies and creates a shield of light around the body
  • Able to control evil thoughts
  • It provides a clearer thought process when it comes to decision making and giving birth to new ideas
  • Detaches fear, depression, anxiety and stress
  • Known to promote hormonal balance 
  • Enhances intuition when it comes to setting a purposeful goal and gets you into a motivated state 
  • Ceases bad habits and limited behaviors

AffirmationI UNDERSTAND my purpose and use that to bring goodness to the world

Primary Chakra: Crown Chakra - (The top of the head) 

Meditation Guide: This is more than a bookend. The intention behind it can be transformative. Simply touch it and affirm its purpose for its use as a bookend. Take action by placing books or objects between it that support that purpose. When placing a new book or object, voice your intention behind it and watch the shift unfold. For a better experience, write down your affirmations and place them at the end of your books. 

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