Protection Meditative Bundle

Protection Meditative Bundle

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This product bundle includes 1 Selenite, 1 Black Tourmaline, 1 Protection Meditative Soap and 1 Sage and Palo Santo Bundle 

Selenite Benefits

  • It has the ability to clear a space energy
  • It brings clarity of mind
  • A calming stone that instills deep peace
  • It clears confusion and teaches one to see the bigger picture
  • It has the ability to align the chakras and raise the vibration
  • It can clear and reprogram any crystal's energy
  • This is the only crystal that doesn't need to be cleansed and charged
  • It can be used for good luck and protection
  • It brings a connection to the consciousness of our higher self and angelic realm
  • It provides one with emotional healing

Affirmation: I understand the inner wisdom I have within.

Primary Chakra: Crown Chakra


Benefits of Black Tourmaline:

  • It blocks negative energies from a space
  • It is known as the stone of protection
  • It has the ability to lighten the vibration of a space
  • It provides balancing and harmonizing energies into one's vibrations
  • A grounding stone that can release any fear or anxiety
  • Great for protecting you from energy vampiresssss
  • It increases alertness
  • A great boosts for self confidence
  • It acts as a shield for any harmful electronic devices

Benefits of Snowflake Obsidian:

  • It is known as the stone of purity
  • It provides balance for the mind, body and spirit
  • It releases any thinking that doesn't come from our higher self
  • A great stone to meditative as it empowers one to embrace surrendering to what is
  • It teaches one to value mistakes and view them as lessons
  • It teaches one to embrace success
  • A very grounding and protective stone
  • It is used for healing and releasing any energy blockages
  • It brings truth to the surface so it can be resolved

Affirmation: I am protected emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally

Primary Chakra: Root Chakra


Sage Benefits:

Burning sage has been used for centuries as a spiritual ritual to cleanse a person's or a space's negative energy and to promote healing and wisdom. You can also use a burning sage to cleanse your crystals energy when needed.

How to use your sage:

When clearing yourself, space, or crystal, invite high vibrational energies that bring in compassion, calmness, comfort and healing. Ask this energies to clear any unwanted energies and speak your gratitude at the end. 

Palo Santo Benefits:

Palo Santo is known for centuries as the holy wood. This doesn't only cleanse a space or person's energy but it also brings in a shift of a high vibrational energy. 

How to use your Palo Santo:

Be mindful as you are using the energies of palo santo as they are coming from mother earth. This use to be a tree. Start your ritual by giving gratitude to mother earth and the universe that has provided that to you. Allow those high vibrational energies to touch every corner of your space and body.

**Selenite and Black Tourmaline are a powerful duo for protection. Place this crystal bundle next to your windows, door area or next to your crystals. This goes great with our Sage and Palo Santo bundle to clear a space, person or your crystals. 

***Use each crystal's meditation guide as directed in each products description on our website

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