The Ultimate Course on Opening all Chakras
The Ultimate Course on Opening all Chakras

The Ultimate Course on Opening all Chakras

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This is a Recorded Video Course with 21 videos including 3 Guided Meditations

  • How can I understand my blockages?
  • How can I balance and heal my chakras and blocks?
  • What are some practices I can apply to heal?
  • How does the universe direct our life?
  • How can I use the energies of the universe to my advantage?
  • What is the best  practice to protect my energy?

For years, chakras have been our guidance not only to balance but also to the divine energies of the universe. In a world where people are awakening to who they are and to mindfulness, this is the perfect time for you to surrender and explore.

Crystals Within and me as the founder and CEO, Despina, I want to provide you with a safe space to explore compassionately and heal with practice through meditation and the world of chakras. Let's explore this together!

You really do have greatness within you and you have absolutely EVERYTHING you need inside of you to be happy.

In this course, expect to have the above questions and many more answered. 

I cover the basics of meditation, how to get into a deep meditative state, fully understanding the power of the universe, how everything started, the meaning of chakras and their energies, how to use chakras to our advantage, and how to heal each chakra. 

I will also be including 3 guided meditations: A basic 101 meditation, a guided meditation on clearing your aura and protecting your energy and a deep meditation on opening all chakras.


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Customer Reviews

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Worth it!

Fantastic course! I cannot thank you enough for this course!!

Absolutely recommend!!

I honestly thought it would be one of those courses that you buy but you end up wasting your money.. well I’m glad this was NOT one of them. Absolutely needed this course. I have so much clarity. I RECOMMEND!!!

Trauma healing session

Despina is really talented. She is very nice and comforting. I was really nervous before since it was my first session but then when I started talking with her I was very relaxed. She gives great advice, insight and really helped me open up which isn’t easy for me. 10/10. The meditation was very healing.



Worth it!

Recommend. I saw wonderful reviews on Despina so I decided to purchase. Beautiful energy and beautiful course. I recommend