Amethyst Heart Cluster
Amethyst Heart Cluster

Amethyst Heart Cluster

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Benefits of Amethyst:

  • It brings calmness to the mind
  • Enhances a meditative state and practice
  • It provides a peaceful and mindful environment in a space
  • Improves dream work and visualization
  • Purifies the aura of any negative energies and creates a shield of light around the body
  • Able to control evil thoughts
  • It provides a clearer thought process when it comes to decision making and giving birth to new ideas
  • Detaches fear, depression, anxiety and stress
  • Known to promote hormonal balance 
  • Enhances intuition when it comes to setting a purposeful goal and gets you into a motivated state 
  • Ceases bad habits and limited behaviors

Affirmation: I UNDERSTAND my purpose and use that to bring goodness to the world

Primary Chakra: Crown Chakra - (The top of the head) 

Meditation Guide: You are a spiritual being and whether you use this Amethyst Heart Cluster for decoration or to meditative with, it is an astonishing reminder to you as to who you are as an unlimited being. Take yourself on a journey when meditating with this beauty to meet the powerful source energy. This is an exciting moment because you are about to meet your true and highest self. Allow it to direct you to places you are meant to go without any resistance. Ask and affirm your questions and desires without expecting a result. Allow your intuition to speak to you during this practice. Repeat this practise when coming in touch with your crystal.