Spirit (cactus) Quartz
Spirit (cactus) Quartz

Spirit (cactus) Quartz

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Benefits of Spirit Quartz:

  • It promotes spiritual growth
  • High Vibrational energy - Vibration of Universal Love
  • Multi-dimensional healing 
  • Letting go of negative attachments
  • it boosts creativity and action within yourself and in a group setting
  • Bonds people with a harmonious feel in the environment
  • It brings group consciousness in favor of the higher good
  • It teaches you how to find common ground with others
  • A Yin and Yang stone that balances the male and female energies 
  • It promotes self fogginess and a karmic fairness 
  • It provides you with a feeling of compassion through your transition

Affirmation: I UNDERSTAND my significance in the universe

Primary Chakra: Crown Chakra - (The top of the head)

Meditation Guide: Place your crystal on top of your head. This is the most rewarding yet most challenging exercise of all. Start with trusting this crystal's high vibration and its ability to connect you to your higher self. Connect with your spirit by allowing yourself to be in the moment. I few deep belly breaths will teach you to center yourself and be in the now. Allow yourself to be and ask your spirit to guide you as to where you need to go. Have no expectations or judgments of your thoughts and self. Stay still and allow the crystal to do its magic. When you loose focus, that's not a problem. Just go back to your breath. 

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