Celestite Heart Cluster
Celestite Heart Cluster

Celestite Heart Cluster

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Benefits of Celestite:

  • Brings peace and harmony into daily life
  • Deep meditative states and connection to the spiritual world
  • Able to connect us to our guardian angels 
  • Great to have in your bedroom for better sleep and peaceful dreams
  • High vibrational stone
  • Healing of the aura and vibrations
  • Shamanic cleanser
  • Provides us a natural intuition to put things into perspective
  • Guidance to our true inner child
  • Calming anger and provides patience and serenity
  • Stimulates your visionary abilities
  • Mental balance and clarity

Affirmation: I SPEAK and know my truth

Primary ChakraThroat Chakra

Meditation Guide:  This is an amazing crystal to use while journaling or when in the process of figuring out your thoughts and how to express them. Before you go to sleep, hold this crystal and allow it to fill you with wisdom by taking a few deep breaths. Visualize its blue color entering and calming your body and mind. Exhale any emotions that weight you down by visualizing a red color leaving your body. Give yourself permission to simply be. Write down any thoughts and feelings with the knowledge and wisdom that this crystal provides you for a higher purpose of good.