Small Clear Quartz Point
Small Clear Quartz Point
Small Clear Quartz Point

Small Clear Quartz Point

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Benefits of Clear Quartz:

  • Able to clear the mind and bring clarity
  • Intensifies a higher spiritual journey
  • Boost healing vibrations of other crystals
  • Known as the master healer of all healing crystals
  • Provides emotional balance 
  • It is known as the stone of power
  • Protects agains negativity
  • Intensify the vibration of your aura
  • It is able to align all the chakras
  • Great for amplifying your intention and for manifesting
  • Able to clear negative thoughts

Affirmation: I AM protected,

                    I FEEL balanced,

                    I DO deserve my dreams,

                    I LOVE my thoughts,

                    I SPEAK my truth,

                    I SEE the love that surrounds me,

                    I UNDERSTAND my purpose

Chakra: All Chakras 

Meditation Guide: You are meditating with the master stone of all healing stones, so prepare yourself for a journey of connecting to your mind, body and spirit. Place your crystal anywhere that is comfortable for you and sit still and allow yourself to feel any sensations your body is experiencing. Fell the clothes on your skin, feel the air hugging your body, hear the love sounds around you, feel the air you breath giving you life, feel the energy flowing through all your chakras down your spine. Allow yourself to observe any thoughts without judgment. Imagine yourself as the tree of life, growing your roots deep down into the grown reaching the venter of earth yet growing your leafs tall and strong trying to reach the sun. This is the time to ask any questions you have from your higher self. Expect no answer but have your heart and intuition open for you to listen. There's no right and wrong. At this time is you verses you.