NEW Angel Aura Cluster

NEW Angel Aura Cluster

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Benefits of Angel Aura Quartz:

  • Great for connecting one to the Divine and Cosmic world and its consciousness
  • The crystal of New Horizons
  • Alignment and healing of the chakras
  • Great to accomplish a state of meditative awareness 
  • Give you a grounding energy for any new information received from the spirit world
  • Gets you in contact with your angel(s) and spirit guides 
  • Remembering lessons from your past incarnations
  • Gets you in touch with your spiritual purpose
  • Recognize positive and negative outcomes out of a situation
  • Attracts success and wealth
  • Teaches you to become more honest and loving with yourself and other

Affirmation: I LOVE and trust the journey I am on

Primary Chakra: Heart Chakra - (The place between your chest)

Meditation Guide: If you are looking to connect with your angle(s) and spirit world this is the time to do so while meditating with this fascinating crystal. Be prepared to go beyond your physical body and elevate your state of consciousness. Start your meditation by placing your crystal either on your heart chakra or your hands, with the intention of getting in touch with your spirit guides. Prepare yourself like you are preparing yourself to meet a friend that you know will give you peace and serenity during this meeting. Imagine yourself going on a trip and at the end destination is your spiritual world. Pay close attention to your journey of this destination. There, your guides are waiting for you. Have no expectations during this meeting. Allow this journey to take you wherever it's meant to take you. Keep your heart open during this practice by breathing deep into your belly. 

*All Angela Aura Quartz are created from Natural Clear Quartz Crystals than are then vacuum coated in extremely high temperature with fine vaporized precious metals (platinum and silver vapor). Because of this process they tend to have different benefits from the actual Natural Clear Quartz

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