Large Rose Quartz Point
Large Rose Quartz Point

Large Rose Quartz Point

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Benefits of Rose Quartz:

  • The stone of universal love and compassion
  • Restores trust and harmony in relationship with others and ourself 
  • Promotes unconditional love
  • Opens the heart chakra
  • Encourages self love and inner healing
  • It brings feelings of peace
  • Seeing kindness in others and yourself 
  • It provides you with a more positive perspective about situations
  • Surrender to any toxic energies that you might have trapped
  • It carries a feminine energy (softness, love, calmness, flow, beauty)
  • Self awareness and acceptance 

Affirmation: I LOVE myself and those around me unconditionally 

Primary ChakraHeart Chakra - (Between your chest)

Meditation Guide: This is an amazing meditation for visualization. Approach this meditation with the intention of love in everything that comes up. Allow yourself to step out of your body and see yourself as it is. See what exist around you, at the place you are at, the country you are in, the world as a whole. Observe the universe and what is around it and remind yourself that you are part of that energy. Allow yourself to feel the love flowing through you and the unconditional love the universe gives to you with every breath you take. Know you have that flowing through you every time you breath. Mention your affirmations that promote the feeling of love. Release anything that doesn't belong with the energy of love through your outer breath.