1 hour Meditation Session with Despina Sokratous

1 hour Meditation Session with Despina Sokratous

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Please email Crystalswithin@gmail.com or DM me on our social media to discuss the type of session you would like to have as well as the date/time before booking.


For years meditation has been used as a form of exploring. In a world where people are awakening to who they are and to mindfulness, this is the perfect time for you to surrender and explore.

These are the type of sessions i offer:

  • Trauma Healing
  • Self Love
  • Manifestation
  • Energy Cleanse
  • Chakra Alignment / Chakra Work
  • 101 Meditation for beginners 
  • Crystal Healing
  • Calming the body and mind
  • Confidence
  • Balancing Feminine (moon) and Masculine (sun) Energies

Crystals Within and me as the founder and CEO, Despina, I want to provide you with a safe space to explore compassionately and heal with practice through meditation. All it takes, it's that first time, first week, first month. Let's explore you together. 

You really do have greatness within you and you have absolutely EVERYTHING you need inside of you to be happy.



**Cancelation Policy is three days before a session**

**Sessions close within 10 minutes if there's no show up**

**No refund available**.

Happy Meditative day! :)

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

So much clarity!!! Worth the investment. I loved our session Despina, thank you so much!!

Two thumbs up

I have been following Despina on Instagram for about 7 months. I signed up for a one hour session with her and I had an amazing experience. Despina really listened to me and put me right at ease with her calm and peaceful energy. She is encouraging and supportive not judgmental or critical. Her guided meditations are so relaxing and helpful. I would highly recommend a session with Despina.

I Finally Got It!!!! Thank You Despina!

I have been practicing meditations before, but I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere.
A session with Despina opened it all up for me. She first understood what type of person I was and why I had a feeling that I wasn't getting anywhere with meditation practices. What labels I had.
I am now rediscovering myself in a whole new way and it's an amazing sensation that anyone should experience for themselves.
We are truly more than our physical body and Despina found the right approach to show that to me.

Once again thank you Despina for helping me on my new inner journey.

Powerful session

I booked a Trauma Healing session with Despina and she made me feel so comfortable with opening up and sharing my experiences. She guided me through moments in my life that I had felt hurt and then guided me through a meditation where I came to terms with what had happened in the past in order to move forward. Following the meditation I felt at peace with myself and it has given the motivation to not let my past experiences define me and to approach similar situations from a place of love. I’m very grateful for coming across Despina and her work!

Love my sessions

I feel so much at ease every time I get a session with Despina. Everything she says makes so much sense and just connect all the dots. Every session is different which I appreciate. I would recommend her 100%