Small Citrine Point with Rainbows
Small Citrine Point with Rainbows

Small Citrine Point with Rainbows

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Benefits of Citrine:

  • The stone of wealth, prosperity, manifestation and leadership
  • It magnifies the willingness to take action
  • It is known as the success stone
  • Encourages optimism, happiness and motivation
  • It boosts self confidence and self worth
  • It teaches you expression and overcoming shyness
  • Letting go of any phobias
  • Great to pare with Clear Quartz for manifestation purposes

Affirmation: I DO anything I set my mind to

Primary ChakraSolar Plexus Chakra - (Slightly above the belly button)

Meditation Guide: What are your dreams and goals beautiful person? What is abundance to you? It is recommended before meditating with this crystal to give time to yourself for a few minutes to journal your intentions, dreams, goals and motivations. Write down everything that makes you feel alive and want to accomplish. This is the best stone to visualize with. Lay down and place your crystal on your Solar Plexus Chakra. "Ask and you Shall receive" so speak to the universe and vocalize what you want. Once you do, picture yourself being there and allow any emotions to come up. How does it feel to achieve this accomplishment? Speak to the universe with your feelings and see yourself going through the journey of achievement. At this time, let that image go and trust the universe and yourself that you will get there. Be acceptant of the place you are and thank the universe for showing you the path to get there.