Small Vera Cruz Amethyst
Small Vera Cruz Amethyst

Small Vera Cruz Amethyst

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Benefits of Vera Cruz Amethyst

  • Connect you to a higher vibration than most crystals 
  • It provides you with a strong spiritual focus and connects you to your higher self
  • It balances the right and left hemisphere of the brain and provides you with answers for any conflict / resolution you might be ask for 
  • It activates you heart chakra by providing you appreciation of your every day life
  • It activated your intuition and connects you to your spiritual realms 
  • It keeps you humble and aware that there's always more room to learn and improve by accelerating spiritual and personal growth
  • Attains the BETA state of mind (walking consciousness and reasoning wave)
  • Helps people who struggle achieve a meditative state 

Affirmation: I SEE the truth as an intuitive being

Primary Chakra: Third Eye Chakra - (the space between your eye brows)

**This is an intense rare crystal with very high vibration**

Meditation Guide: Prepare yourself for a phenomenal experience. Simply place your crystal on your third eye chakra. Allow yourself to feel the energy of this crystal by focusing your attention to it. Focus more on how you feel with it rather than any thoughts that come up. Allow your thoughts to move around you without judgment. Remember your intention of your meditation with the unique stone. While breathing in, take its energy while mentioning your affirmations. Send back your affirmations to the universe by breathing out. Allow the stone to surround every cell of your body with its healing energy.