Twinflame Smoky Rutilated Quartz with Rainbows
Twinflame Smoky Rutilated Quartz with Rainbows

Twinflame Smoky Rutilated Quartz with Rainbows

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Benefits of Smokey Quartz:

  • Eliminates fear, lifts and soothes any feelings of depression and negativity
  • Brings emotional calmness
  • Relieve stress and anxiety 
  • Promotes positive and healthy thought patterns and actions
  • Reduces any suicidal tendencies 
  • It is a balancing and grounding stone that neutralizes negative vibrations
  • It magnifies the truth of everything around us and allows us to see things as they are and accept them
  • It provides soothing vibes
  • It calms the nervous system and relieves headaches
  • Aura cleansing Stone

Affirmation: I AM powerful and able to heal myself 

Primary Chakra: Root chakra - (Base of the spine / Rectum area)


Benefits of Rutilated Quartz:

  • Clears blockages from all the chakras
  • It charges your body, mind and spirit with your divine purpose
  • High energy level crystal 
  • Mental clarity for decision making
  • Guidance on connecting with your divine energy
  • Expanse your state of consciousness 
  • Brings joy into ones life and environment
  • Protection towards negative thoughts of others
  • It teaches you to let go of the past


                    I AM present and grounded,

                    I FEEL alive,

                    I DO what's aligned with my purpose,

                    I LOVE my journey,

                    I SPEAK things into existence,

                    I SEE my true self,

                    I UNDERSTAND my true self

Primary Chakra: All Chakras 

**This is a powerful combination which makes this a very unique smoky quartz**

**Crystals that also come in pairs of 2 are known to carry their soulmate or twin flame with them**

Meditation Guide: Allow yourself to sit for a second. Have no expectations during this meditation and allow yourself to accept whatever comes up. Place your crystal between your legs. Allow yourself to observe any thoughts that come up without judging them or analyzing them. Sit with them for a second. This is an amazing time to spend time with yourself and allow yourself to be. Accept whatever comes up as to how it is. Accepting your thought will be transformative if you allow it. Tell yourself that it is okay to feel the way you feel. Nourish yourself by sending yourself love. Imagine hugging and loving yourself during the end of this meditation. Remember it is okay to have those feelings, accept them and love them as they are. You can continue with your I AM affirmations. For best results meditative with this crystal in nature barefoot.