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Finally a workshop that can...

Guide you step by step on how to practice inner child healing with a process that works.

Go through an immersive 2.5 hour online workshop experience with Despina Sokratous to discover the process of shadow work, courage, self love and manifestation so you can learn to tap into your true authentic self.

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On This Workshop, You'll Discover:

  • What is shadow work
  • The reparenting process (how to unlearn and learn new ways so you can program your subconcious)
  • How to give space to your emotions
  • How to work with your triggers
  • Understanding your blocks
  • How to find balance in your personal life
  • How to raise your vibration 
  • Understand your love language and ways to start practicing that
  • The power of your words
  • The circle of manifestation 
  • Steps to manifestation that work


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Dear courageous soul.

In this workshop you'll get all the detailed steps so you can own and embody your bad ass energy. 


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