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About the Instructor

My name is Despina Sokratous and I wanted to take this time to officially introduce you to our mission and purpose for this platform.

Firsts, here's a background story. About 9 years ago, after going through a broken relationship and falling into severe depression, panic attacks and anxiety, I was introduce to meditation as a form of healing. Being desperate for change allowed me to be open myself to the practice of meditation and other sources of healing. It was life transforming. As of recently, I desperately wanted to find my purpose and how I can use it to help other people. So many changes had happened in the past 2 years for me. Loosing friends, relationships and a business. But that allowed me to really listen to my intuition and find my true purpose. And that’s how Crystals Within was created.

In the process, I was also able to heal myself from PCOS with meditation and Chinese herb medicine.

All of that led me to understand the power we all have within and how unlimited we are as human beings and most of the times, all we need is just that little piece of information to make that shift in our life.

My purpose is to guide you to remember who you truly are as a spiritual soul.

Welcome to Crystals Within!

This course will teach you to: 

  • How can I meditate? What are some tips?
  • How can I get out of my stuck energy?
  • How can I protect my energy?
  • What is my purpose and why am I here?
  • How do the laws of the universe direct my life?
  • What can I do to wake up to my power and authentic self?
  • Where am I blocked and how do I release that?
  • How can I step into my authentic self?
  • What are chakras and how can I tap into them?
  • How do I balance all my chakras?
  • How can I move on from my limiting beliefs and traumas?
  • How can I step into y confident self?
  • How can I learn to love myself?
  • How can I create the life I'm meant to live?
  • How can I manifest the life I want?

Why this course?

In this course, expect to have the above questions and many more answered.

I cover the basics of meditation, how to get into a deep meditative state, fully understanding the power of the universe, how everything started, the meaning of chakras and their energies, how to use chakras to our advantage, and how to heal each chakra, understand your limiting beliefs and traumas and move on from them, learn to step into self-love and confidence and last manifesting the life you are meant to live.

I will also be including 8 guided meditations: A basic 101 meditation on learning to tap into your intuition, a guided meditation on clearing your aura and protecting your energy, a deep meditation on opening all chakras, a trauma healing meditation, a courage meditation, a self-love meditation, the meditation of the "I AM" also known as the most powerful meditation, and powerful manifesting meditation.


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